Our Civil Division oversees infrastructure and public works projects with the goal of improving community resources, enhancing public safety, supporting economic growth and promoting environmental sustainability. Civil services encompass a wide range of project types, including parks, roads, bridges, utilities, sports complexes, aviation and transportation facilities, and performing concrete and sitework on commercial construction projects.


Civil Construction; Texas General Contractor Full Life Cycle Construction Services Railway and Transportation


We build a variety of critical transportation infrastructure projects that foster economic development and provide safe, efficient and reliable connectivity for communities.

Project types include:

• Aviation (public, private and regional)
• Roads and bridges
• Tollways
• Public transit facilities
• Intermodal facilities
• Parking lots
• Railways
• Rest areas

Parks & Recreation

Our Civil team specializes in creating accessible, attractive and sustainable environments that enrich the community’s recreational resources.

Project types include:

• National and state parks
• Municipal parks and recreation areas
• Outdoor sports complexes/athletic fields
• Hike and bike trails



Civil construction environmental management involves implementing measures to control erosion, manage wastewater and address related environmental concerns during construction projects, promoting sustainable and responsible practices.

Project types include:

• Water/Wastewater treatment plants
• Drainage
• Erosion control

Civil & Vertical Integration

Working closely with vertical construction teams, our Civil team performs site development for commercial construction projects, providing foundational framework to establish a well-prepared and functional jobsite.

Project types include:

• Underground utilities
• Excavation
• Land clearing
• Embankment
• Site paving

Civil Construction; Texas General Contractor Full Life Cycle Construction Services Parking Lots

cIvil site services

In addition to full-scale civil construction services, our Civil team offers continuous site services.

Project types include:

• Ongoing site maintenance
• Small-scale construction projects, e.g. parking lots
• Repairs and environmental management

Austin, Corpus Christi, North Texas, San Antonio, South Texas

Robert Lozano

Site Services Manager

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Brazos Valley, Golden Triangle, Houston

Adam Ryan

Site Services Manager

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Our Civil team has the capability to perform demolition of existing structures where extensive site and earthwork will be required. We employ specialized demolition techniques to ensure minimal environmental impact while performing procedures such as backfill, site improvements, storm water management and more to ensure that a site is sufficiently cleared.

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Weston Voss

President, Civil Division
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