SpawGlass is a 100 percent employee-owned, Texas-based full life cycle construction services provider. Our mission is to provide our clients with the absolute best construction experience by operating based on the principles of the SpawGlass Way: Build Trust, Be Professional, Live Teamwork, Be Passionate and Think Like an Owner.

Our History & Values

In 1953, Louis Spaw and Frank Glass embarked on a journey to form their own construction company. With an abundance of determination but few resources, they committed their cars as collateral to get SpawGlass off the ground. Although they didn’t have a lot of cash on hand, they thrived on similar values of hard work, dependability, persistence and treating people with respect. As Louis once stated of Frank, “He was living by the same ethical standards that I was.”

Today, we carry forward the legacy of Louis and Frank, infusing every endeavor with tenacity and integrity. Our core values of Build Trust, Be Professional, Live Teamwork, Be Passionate and Think Like an Owner serve as the guiding principles that shape our daily operations and drive forward our mission of providing the absolute best construction experience. We are steadfast in our commitment to honesty, transparency and ethical conduct in every facet of our business.



Revolutionize SpawGlass from being a building contractor to the most sought-after construction services provider



To provide our clients with the absolute best construction experience



Build Trust  |  Be Professional  |  Live Teamwork  | 
Be Passionate  |  Think Like an Owner



Our Culture/
Employee OwnerShip

SpawGlass champions a culture of employee ownership, offering all team members the chance to become owners from day one. This ownership mindset drives our team members to take pride in their work and our company and ensures a personal commitment to every project. In turn, our clients benefit from dedicated team members who approach projects with the strategic insight and dedication of true stakeholders.

SAFETY at the forefront

By consistently exceeding Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements and adopting a host of unique safety programs and practices, SpawGlass has built a culture of safety where each team member’s well-being is paramount. Our goal of “Zero Today” drives every decision and action, fostering a collective sense of responsibility and empowering our team members to recognize and identify potential hazards and remain actively engaged in protecting themselves and others at all times.


SpawGlass’ in-house safety professionals provide safety education, ensure safe practices are being implemented on our jobsites, correct unsafe conditions and acknowledge outstanding jobsite safety performance. Their efforts, combined with our distinctive safety programs and measures, reflect a holistic approach to proactively eliminating incidents.




The SpawGlass Proven Process is the proven way we deliver results for our clients. Based on our core values and centered on communication, the process begins with listening to our clients to better understand them and progresses to defining expectations, consulting to lay the groundwork, delivering on our guarantee to provide our clients with the absolute best construction experience and assessing our performance.