SpawGlass Builds…People

SpawGlass is a true learning organization. To provide the highest level of service, we must have qualified and accredited team members. We hire based on our core values, outlined in the SpawGlass Way, and then help our team members grow in their careers in a planned and strategic manner.


SpawGlass team members advance construction and overall business knowledge through our SpawGlass University program. SpawGlass University’s in-house courses and development programs provide resources for individual and team growth and advancement, enhance and reinforce existing skills and leadership capabilities, and develop exceptional SpawGlass leaders for the future.

Leadership through teamwork

Established in 1996, the Leadership through Teamwork (LtT) program has been a cornerstone of our organization’s leadership development efforts. With a primary focus on enhancing individual and team effectiveness, the program is designed to align with our core values while nurturing essential leadership skills. Through a comprehensive curriculum, participants explore various leadership styles, engage in introspective exercises and hone their communication abilities. Since its inception, the program has empowered countless team members to become more effective leaders, fostering collaboration, innovation and organizational success.


leadership pipeline program

The Leadership Pipeline Program (LPP) serves as the second step in our leadership development strategyThis program is designed to prepare our emerging leaders for their evolving roles within our organization by placing a strong emphasis on situational leadership and enhancing emotional intelligence. Participants present Action Learning Projects (ALP), bringing forward creative solutions to real workplace challenges. The impact of LPP is underscored by the many graduates who have catalyzed positive change at SpawGlass.

enterprise leadership program

SpawGlass’ third level of leadership development, our Enterprise Leadership Program (ELP), was created to prepare our team members for leading at levels that interact and lead across the company.


Field leadership development

Our Field Leadership Development (FLD) program is designed to provide field leaders with the skills and tools needed to maintain high-quality job performance, manage crews, and maximize productivity and profitability on our self-perform work.

Master Builder

Our Master Builder program/designation recognizes operations team members who have proven their ability to manage complex construction projects. These individuals are sought after by our clients and often requested to lead their projects. They have demonstrated construction expertise in diverse environments, showcasing their adaptability while demonstrating strong leadership and communication skills. Current Master Builders host learning sessions for team members interested in earning this notable designation.