Whether a client is just beginning the process of planning a project or finding that they need assistance with a project already in progress, our team of knowledgeable construction management specialists can provide them with the guidance they need to succeed.



As an owner’s representative on a project, our primary commitment is to safeguard our client’s best interests throughout the project’s entirety. We focus on key areas that have the most impact on the client’s bottom line. This includes contractual language and concepts, definition of allowable costs and implementing best practices for cost control management and reporting. We continuously monitor activities throughout the project completion process to ensure they align with our client’s standards of quality, predetermined budget and schedule.

  • Manage entire design and construction process
  • Provide constructability reviews, budget analyses and value engineering services
  • Coordinate regulatory reviews, including but not limited to, stormwater retention capacity analysis, wastewater discharge impact, endangered
  • Develop permitting strategy and documentation
  • Generate cross-functional communication across internal business units and as liaison to contracted teams
  • Validate drawing, specification and contract compliance
  • Monitor onsite construction activities for safety compliance, quality and schedule compliance
  • Confirm pay applications align with work in place, meet the owner’s and financial institution’s requirements and include all necessary documentation
  • Manage wide range of projects – new builds, expansions and environmental/process management
SpawGlass Texas Construction General Contractor Vertical Civil Advise and Consult Full Life Cycle Construction Services


  • Coca-Cola North America
  • United Parcel Service (UPS)
  • Encore Bank
  • Lincoln Capital Management
  • Princeton New Energy
  • Texas Children’s Hospital
  • Patriots’ Hall of Dripping Springs


By engaging our Advise & Consult professionals early to assist in developing the scope of a project, we can better define solutions and select appropriate design and construction professionals to achieve the goals at hand while saving cost. Our range of available services encompasses all aspects of a project, beginning with establishing the most appropriate construction delivery method for the client’s needs and type of project, assisting with initiation and planning, and continuing throughout to ensure seamless execution and successful completion.

Project Design Review Services

Our team provides experience-based design review and offers suggestions that will ensure stakeholders’ needs are met, improve constructability, reduce costs and ensure quality and longevity of the overall product. The design review process is crucial to preventing overspending, schedule impacts and potential rework.


Budget and Cost Control

Comprehensive budget development is a crucial factor in aligning our client’s project scope and schedule with the desired end result. We have the resources to develop and/or review budgets, forecast cost at completion and validate actual construction costs as work is put in place.

While we perform cost avoidance exercises during the development of a project to reduce future spending, we also continue to explore cost saving items and strategies throughout the life of a project. By listening to our clients and understanding their business, our team is able to recommend solutions to mitigate and manage unexpected costs, such as procurement delays, in the foreseeable future.



Kirby Baird

Director of Advise & Consult Services
o. 210-651-9000
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